Are there other items available than shown on this website?

- Yes, check out our website at http://thecreativej.geiger.com

- Or, send an email or call for more customized service. We will help you find exactly what you need. Reach out to rvaldez@geiger.com or call 402-384-2820 ext. 101

Can I order less than the minimum shown?

- This varies by product. Some products can be ordered in lesser quantities with an additional charge. Please contact Rachel to discuss the possibilities.

Why can't we order smaller quantities like before?

- We have been asked to provide a smaller scale store, with no inventory. We have to hit factory minimums on orders, that is why the quantities listed are higher than before.

Why does it take longer to get my items?

-Since we are ordering direct from the factory, items are produced after you place your order. 

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